Four types of behavioral addiction and their causes

Every person is different, and currently, we are all exposed to several things that could potentially lead to addiction.

Behavioral addiction manifests itself through the repetition of an activity or behavior, which provides temporary relief from stress or trauma. However, it leads to negative consequences for the individual and those around them when they cannot stop discontinue their addictive behaviors.

There are many types of behavioral addictions. Some of them are food, exercise, work, love, gambling, the internet, sex, video gaming, porn, and social media, to mention a few. However, for the sake of this post, we would be discussing four of them.

Types of Behavioral addiction

  • Food addiction: Food addiction is closely related to the concept of binge eating disorder. Binge eating disorder is characterized by excessive food consumption within a short period. On the other hand, food addiction is a compulsive craving that a person has toward a type of food.

Food addicts experience uncontrolled engagement with certain kinds of food and will not mind what it will cost them to constantly satisfy their carvings. It results in loss of control and a distorted reward system whenever these foods are present.

  • Gambling addiction:Gambling addiction occurs when a person has an uncontrolled hold on betting and stakes. People with this addiction can stake with anything anywhere without having to think of ways to get back on their feet when they lose. They often go broke, procure debt, and borrow to engage in gambling.
  • Sex and porn addiction: Porn addiction is believed to be a supplementary type of sex addiction. They are both compulsive and problematic urges for sexual behaviors. They are characterized by kissing, fondling, caressing, and all forms of sex.
  • Mobile device, internet, and social media addiction: Many people suffer from these addictions without even knowing it. They are identified by the loss of control over the use of mobile devices, computers, social media, and the internet at large.

Causes of behavioral addiction

  1. Peer group influence
  2. Depression and anxiety
  3. Loss of loved one
  4. Experience and Trauma
  5. Social pressure


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