Due to the stigma which comes with alcohol and drug addiction, a good number of people might not get the chance to get the needed help. They would prefer to struggle with their addiction than seek recovery. In the case of having a counsellor, it is an impossible feat for an addict.

Someone who has had a tough time with substance addiction, knows how difficult it is to conquer it, especially when there is no external assistance such as a professional aid. The number of people who are able to fight their addiction and eventually nip it in the bud, without having any aid, are few. For majority of addicts, it is impossible for them.

Those who fought off their addiction themselves, would attest to the fact that, there are unpleasant symptoms which comes with withdrawal from either drugs or alcohol usage. Hence, in recovery, you will find many people who return to drug and alcohol use.

It is a general notion that, those who want to conquer addiction, need counselling, so that they can effectively address the underlying issues and the source of the addiction. The counselling session is effective in helping the individual to learn more about his addiction, and move on.

Now, counselling is not only restricted to just alcohol and drug addicts, other forms of counselling such as shopping, pornography, eating, gambling and the likes, all need an addiction counsellor so that they can overcome their illnesses.

Counselling involves the mind, body and spirit, it helps the patient to have a full grasp of their illness and the negative effect which it has on them, and those around them. A good number of rehab clinics put to use, a wide range of counselling methods and techniques in order to assist patients in overcoming their addiction.

Typically, patients are given a treatment schedule which is personalized according to what their diagnosis, and it includes treatments such as counselling sessions, group therapy, individual therapy family therapy sessions, 12-step therapy and the likes.

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