Overcoming addiction is no easy task, as it is a compulsive disorder which makes the addict to carry out acts or take substances in order to derive pleasure.

Hence, it can be said that addiction is centered around two major features: act and substance. When they indulge in any of these features, there is a pleasurable feeling which sets in, affecting the brain, thereby nudging them to do more.

Addiction is not something which an individual can defeat fully, there are some factors which need to be in place, in order to ensure that it is fully defeated, and relapse does not occur. People who are addicted often lose control, as they are usually blind to the negative effects which comes with the form of addiction which they are hooked on.

In the addiction recovery process, the place of a counsellor is very essential. Counsellors who are hooked on substance addiction usually make an important support system in place for addicts who are recovering from alcohol and drug addiction, gambling addiction amongst others.

They start by building a relationship which is based on trust, and from there, they are able to make provision for support resources and guidance which patients can use during the addiction recovery process.

Another close benefit which comes with having a counsellor in the addiction process, is the therapeutic alliance which counsellors have with patients. The choice which comes with seeking treatment for addiction is not easy, as it involves much trust that needs to exist between counsellors and patients, and this is referred to as therapeutic alliance.

A therapeutic alliance is known as the trust which patients have with their counsellor, which enables them to become vulnerable after they have sorted out their problems, thereby enabling them to effectively work together. This ensures that counsellors and patients work effectively together even during tough and trying times.

Trust takes quite a while to develop, and patients need to ensure that they are comfortable when they are discussing during sessions, and they should also have a sense of relief after they have an appointment, alongside with a craving to go back.

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